Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Drink: Modellissimo Masi Delle Venezie i.g.t. 2008 (Sale 14.45) Wine Review

Name: Modellissimo Masi Delle Venezie i.g.t. 2008

Price: Sale 14.45 (reg. 15.95$)

Quick Sum Up: Meh. I would pass on this one. For the same price point, there are a lot of other solid options.

Full Review: I fully expected to like this wine. I think of Masi wines, particularly the red ones in the 11-17 dollar range, as my dependable standby. Masi is a wine I would bring to a BYOW or friend's house for dinner if I didn't know what food would be served or if I thought that the host didn't enjoy wine enough to truely appreciate a more expensive bottle. Don't hold that against me; I see it as real bummer when I buy a great mid range wine and its worth is lost on the bequeathed.

The taste of Modelissimo was somehow muted on mouthfeel and yet still strong on the finish. I imagine that's what the SAQ tasting note means when they say medium. The woody quality was too apparent when we drank it on its own but I will admit that the wine tasted better once it was paired with food. We had it with roast chicken, braised fennel, and israeli cousous, not exactly the ideal food pairing based on the SAQ notes. Overall, I would say the taste was a little too tannic, woody and spicy for me. I somehow expected a flavour closer to my other experiences with Masi, somewhere between spicy & fruity.

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Additional Information from SAQ

Tasting Notes from SAQ: Ruby in colour, this red boasts a medium nose exuding woody, empyreumatic, spicy and fruity aromas. Discover this medium-bodied wine expressing refreshing acidity and offering a broad texture and fleshy tannins. It also unveils a medium mouthfeel that leads into a medium finish.

Food Pairing from SAQ: Beef, Tomato sauce, Meat sauce

Additional Info from SAQ:
Wine family: Dry, medium-bodied and fruity 
Country: Italy
Region: Veneto
Appellation: Delle Venezie
Producer: Masi Agricola SPA
Alcoholic strength: 13.0 %
Acidity: Refreshing 
Intensity: Medium 
Persistance: Medium 
Body: Medium-bodied 
Tannins: Fleshy 
Texture: Broad 
Sugar: Dry 
Taste family(ies): Woody , Empyreumatic , Spicy , Fruity 

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