Thursday, March 1, 2012

Drink: Precursor to a Wine Review

I love wine. Love, Love, Love with a capital "L", LOVE. I don't know much about wine, except a few details that I've managed to retain from the vast plethora of oenophilia out there. I'm not as articulate as I'd like to be when I need to describe a wine. I know what I'm looking for but feel incapable of describing what I'm after. Which is why the SAQ website is so cool. They are continually improving the site by adding more and more information. Which is great for the wine plebes among us. So forgive me because I will lean heavily on the SAQ or other resources out there to help explain the qualities of a particular wine that I have sampled. I'll couple it with my layman description and hope the proper terminology will stick.
Over the years, I've been a bit lazy in my wine selection. I generally stick to Italian, Californian, Australian and a handful of wines from British Columbia. Historically, I am also partial to red wine. I would say my consumption of red to white was 90/10 for nearly the last ten years. But with the discovery of a few delightful whites from Portugal and New Zealand, I have become much more open to the idea of white wine. I buy wine in bulk (that sounds awful). What I mean is a case of 12 rather than wasting time picking a couple of bottles at a time. I like to take advantage of the sales at the outlets and the hefty discount at the SAQ depot for bulk purchases. In the beginning, I would buy 11 red and one white, then eventually 2 whites, etc. I'm at a 60/40 split at this point. I also force myself to try wines from all over the world, and apart from Greek wine (sorry) I haven't met many I didn't enjoy. In terms of price, I like to get a range from 10.00$ to 24.00$ for my case, I generally average out at about 210$ for 12 bottles. I occasionally splurge on a more fancy bottle, but I rarely go over 30-65 dollars.
So this is where I'm coming from when I talk about wine. I am a true fan, but not very good with all the details. Here on my blog I will be adding my review & description of the wines I try. The primary reason is for record keeping; I have a tendency to re-discover the same wines for the first time, all over again, because I don't remember the labels (particularly for French wine). This way I can refer back and make a more educated choice in the future. Wines also change a lot from one year to the next, so it would be a boon to have notes that reminded me that I loved Badiola 2009 but hated 2010 (which is not possible, its such an awesome wine).

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