Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shop: Coach Vanessa Moto Boots, aka the holy grail of Moto Boots

While I was scanning eBay last night for anything new and interesting in my saved searches, I did a double take when I spotted a listing for the holy grail of moto boots. Last fall, I saw these Coach boots at the Bay and I went bonkers. I loved the details, such as the heavy zipper, chunky belts, pebbled grain of the leather and the toe box. I envisioned how easy they would be to pull on with a pair of coloured jeans. I can't say I'm normally a fan of Coach because I don't like the big 'C' signature pattern they employ (MK can be guilty of this too); I prefer the logo's to be a bit more discreet. However, I found these boots to logo-free. Unfortunately, they didn't have my size in Black but the sales person got on their system and advised me that they had a pair in black in my size at the dowtown location. I begged (suckered, schmoozed, whatever) Marc to go downtown that very night only to find out that they didn't have my size or colour. Say what? It was a bit fustrating to make the effort to go there to be treated rudely but the saleswoman, like I was an idiot for listening to another one of their own employees. I was also told that my size/colour combo was not to be found in Canada. Booooo.

Photo Courtesy of Coach

All I could do was search the internet and eventually set up a saved search on eBay on the slim chance that they would show up. And then I waited. But last night, low and behold, there they were! It's been a crappy week for various reasons but I have to admit retail therapy did wonders for my mood (even if it is fleeting). As a bonus, I got them for 100$ off the retail price, which is only 70 after shipping costs but I do save on taxes as well. I just got the shipment notification, I can't wait to get them.The weather here as of late has us all thinking about summer clothing and I realize these boots are a fall/winter item, but I don't care, I'm gonna wear these babies the minute they arrive regardless of temperature.

Me, drolling over boots at The Bay
See MY boots on, listed as one of 12 favourite winter esstentials. *joy!*

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