Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shop: J. Crew Linda Dress in Wool Crepe

Photo courtesy of J. Crew

When I first saw the eBay listing for the J. Crew Linda Dress in Black Wool Crepe, I was hesitant to buy it based on the shape. I don't normally go for an A-Line skirt or dress but the photos of the dress really sold it. Something about the drape and appearance of the fabric told me it was going to be lovely. 

Pictures from eBay seller Zimazami
I am always a little excited and nervous when a package from eBay arrives. Excited because of that 'package in the mail' buzz that I get, but nervous because you never really know if what you bought is going to actually look like you expect it to, or if it will fit the way you hope. Luckily, my senses on this dress were 100% accurate. Can you be in love with a dress? Because I am. The fabric has this texture that I rarely see and the tailoring is spot on. The trim and buttons are adorable and the seams hit at all the right spots, as if it was meant for my build. The skirt hangs perfectly and hits just below my knee cap at the slimmest spot above my calf. Above all else, I purchased it for a killer deal on eBay.

Photo courtesy of J. Crew
 In my head this dress is a cross between the old school tailoring that I imagine a woman in 1970's Italy might wear and a mad men-esque secretary outfit. Okay, so maybe I'm romanticizing this one a little, but I am so pleased with it! I finished off the outfit with flesh-toned fishnet patterned nylons, taupe suede pumps, a long gold chain with a Tiffany open heart pendant, rose-hued lipstick, and pinned up, freshly curled hair. Uh oh, did I just describe Lucille Ball? (That's okay, she rocks.)

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