Thursday, March 1, 2012

Drink: Chablis Champs Royaume William Fevre 2009 (11.99) Wine Review

Name: Chablis Champs Royaume William Fevre 2009

Price: 11.99

Quick Sum Up: Would definitely buy this again. Great price, balanced taste. Yum.

Full Review: The SAQ in Westmount is where I picked up William Fevre 2009. A recent trip to Paris has inspired me to try more French wines; I have been intimidated by their complex label/control system in the past. Since I don't know French wine very well, I feel comfortable going a bit cheaper and experimenting with different varietals and/or blends. The price was right at 11.99$.I can't tell you what I paired it with, I have long since forgotten those details, however I can say that I was pleasantly surprised by how good this wine was for the price. It was acidic (which I like) but also fruity enough not to let the acid be too overbearing. A regular refrigerator is good enough for me in terms of temperature management. Chilled in the fridge for a couple hours and a quick rest at room temperature and this wine is ready to go. For me, a chilled white wine is essential; a piss-warm white wine is almost not worth having. Another positive for me was that there was no syrupy mouth feel on the finish which I tend to dislike, I've noticed that quality with a few Chardonnays that I have tried.
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Additional Information from SAQ

Tasting Notes from SAQ: Greenish yellow in colour, this white boasts a medium nose exuding floral, fruity and mineral aromas. Discover this medium-bodied wine expressing lively acidity and offering a broad texture. It also unveils a medium mouthfeel that leads into a medium finish.

Food Pairing from SAQ: Fish and seafood (scallop tartare, salmon, tuna), Sauces (lemon, lime), Cheese (goat-type)

Additional Info from SAQ:
  • Wine family: Dry, medium-bodied and fruity
  • Country: France
  • Region: Bourgogne
  • Appellation: Chablis
  • Producer: William Fèvre
  • Alcoholic strength: 12.5 %
  • Acidity: Lively
  • Intensity: Medium
  • Persistance: Medium
  • Body: Medium-bodied
  • Tannins: N/A
  • Texture: Broad
  • Sugar: Dry
  • Taste family(ies) : Floral , Fruity , Mineral

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