Thursday, March 1, 2012

Shop: The Mad Men Collection by Banana Republic

Today's the day that the Spring 2012 Mad Men Collection by Banana Republic becomes available. I got up early to log in and see what beauties would be available for purchase. My reason being that when the Fall 2011 Mad Men Collection became available, I waited too long, hemming and hawing about the price and then lost the opportunity to buy the most gorgeous blouse ever. I scan for it weekly on eBay to no avail. My girlfriend has it in the very colour (dried berry) I fantasize about; I hated her a tiny bit when I saw her in it (my face dropped in an expression I can only compare to a childhood Christmas morning when my brother got an AT-AT and I didn't). ....I'm over it, I swear!

Image courtesy of Banana Republic
To my surprise only one dress stood out from the Spring collection, and I am leaning towards not purchasing it. I have a lot of dress already (this normally doesn't stop me) but I'm not convinced of it's awesomeness quite yet. Perhaps I will regret my procrastination, but at 185$ +tx, I'm willing to take the chance. I just hope I don't end up seeing it as this years 'one that got away'.
Image courtesy of Banana Republic
On an interesting side note but still related to the Mad Men collection, about 2 weeks ago, Banana Republic Canada had a mystery sale, with a 30-50% off surprise at checkout. Ends up that I got the 50% off (SCORE!!) so I kind of went a little crazy. For some reason, 3-4 Spring 2012 Mad Men items were available to select from. I thought it was odd, since the advertisments clearly stated March 1st as the unveiling. I took the opportunity (at 50% off, no less) and bought an ivory bow blouse which is similar to the dream blouse but not quite as nice. I also had the chance to buy the Joan dress at 50% off but decided against it. Which probably means I shouldn't do something stupid like buy it now at full price (but to be honest, I'm a smart girl but downright stupid when it comes to shopping). In any case, all the Mad Men items were pulled from the website that very same night so I wondered if it was a mistake. Irregardless, I did get my 50% off Bow blouse in the mail recently so I am quite please with how it all turned out.

Image courtesy of Banana Republic

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