Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shop: Tip #1 - Set Up An Environment to Succeed!

You must buy a lotto ticket if you hope to win the lottery. Lame title and analogy aside, this means that you need to be set up before you try to get bidding on that awesome necklace. If you don't have your login set up with a primary address and you do not have Pay Pal activated with an approved payment source/address, you are never going to be ready in time win that auction. Even if you don't want to buy anything yet, do yourself a favour and set up your account, and take the time to get Pay Pal up and running. It takes time and they need to verify your bank information. I can't say it was a painless process, and I was hesitant to provide all that information at first, but now I feel like Pay Pal has saved my ass a few times with tricky eBay disputes, so I'm glad I'm set up. Do it. Do it now. Take that first step.

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