Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Shop: Yoga Paraphernalia

Day 16 with no retail release. I mean that as a euphemism, make no mistake.

Life is busy, which is a welcome distraction as it keeps me from wandering aimlessly in stores and online. I delete all my preferred customer emails as they come in so as not to tempt myself. It's working so far, except for the J. crew email that alerted me to the existence of the Pea Coat that I covet so dearly. Luckily I'm not that interested in this seasons biggest trends (brocade, wedge booties, lace) so it's easier to avoid spending. There are far less transactions on my VISA and debit card, that's for sure. It's a real case of Pavlovian conditioning, when I see something that I want to buy on impulse (a magazine at the counter, a new shade of nail polish) I'm finally starting to listen to that little voice in my brain that says 'you don't need that'.

In the interest of losing some (new relationship) weight, I have been going back to hot yoga classes. I'm doing a minimum of three classes a week with the intention of doing 5-6. It's not cheap to attend these classes so I will supplement the classes with a home routine using my DVD collection. Eoin Finn's Blissology is pure gold; it is truly an essential DVD for a home practice.With all this yoga, I find myself going through my yoga clothing repertoire weekly (well, the ones that fit my ample bottom these days...). Which leads me to drool over all the beautiful Lululemon goodies that I want. If I just had one or two more tops/bottoms....hmmm.... Today I happened upon the HalfMoon yoga website from a Facebook suggestion (well done, targeted marketing!) and now I am itching to add some of those lovelies to a shopping cart as well. Sigh, I'll be good. In the spirit of yoga, I will do no harm to my goals (and wallet) by breaking my will. A little ahimsa in practice.

Halfmoon yoga

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