Friday, September 7, 2012

Style: Logic, Women & Haircuts

It's haircut day. I visit the world's most awesome hair stylist every 6-8 weeks, and on the eve of said haircut day, I often contemplate chopping it all off. Again. Which is completely contradictory to my frequent laments during weeks 5-8, when I state that I simply must keep growing it out. I find myself arguing that long hair is easier for sports, for fast styling (because it requires no styling), for accepting the odd shape of my head. I should grow it out, I have good hair for long, straight styles. I have been growing it out for the last 3 years, progressing from cropped to short bob, to lob, etc. It's the most effort someone can put into something that requires no effort at all.

But then I saw pictures of Miley Cyrus's awesome new rocker crop. And I experienced short hair envy. Then the day ago Rihanna chopped all of her hair off again for the MTV Video awards. And its damn gorgeous. Major short hair envy!! I blame my indecision on two things: 1. I don't normally reinforce stereotypes but I think its genetic, aren't all women a bit illogical when it comes to hair? 2. the haircut in this photo. I LOVED it and it makes me want to do something drastic. Decisions, decisions.....and a few short hours to decide!

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