Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Shop: Fashion! Cats! Fashion Cats!!

For any of you cat lovers out there, You might remember a post from a while back gushing over the 2011 United Bamboo Cat calendar. Let me tell you, I've used a few of those pictures as desktop wallpaper over the last year. Sassy cats! Man, can that cat wear a parka?!

Anyhow... this perfect union is back for 2013! You can pledge 40$ US or more to get yourself a copy of the calendar, but time is running out as there is just a day or so left in the campaign. Once they reach the target goal I believe they will begin production of the calendar based on demand. The photo shoot is complete and you can see a few samples of what is to come.

United Bamboo Cat Calendar Pledge Page
Due to my no-shopping challenge (Day 3), I will refrain from purchasing it this year. Sniff, yes, sad day. But I must admit that I don't love the design of the calendar itself; it is hard to read the actual calendar dates as the font scrolls directly over the photos. I would want to keep and display the kitty pictures long after the month has past so the design is not very conducive to that. Want to bet my that my boyfriend is secretly thrilled I won't be bringing home yet another cat artifact? Having said that, the production is gorgeous and must I reiterate that it combines fashion and cats??? The only thing missing is lasers!! WERK IT, KITTEH!

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