Thursday, September 13, 2012

Style: Ok, so adult braces weren't my brightest idea

In addition to the brackets and wires in my mouth, today my orthodontist installed my first spring. Yes that's right, a coiled metal wire is rigged to put extreme pressure against two teeth in order to make space for the tooth sitting between them. An actual spring. Maybe I'm the only one surprised by this, I thought I had read everything there was to read about braces, and I don't remember hearing about springs.

I should be grateful they let me have a thin wire, as opposed to my usual thick wire and no rubber c-chain for this 7 week period. I will enjoy much Indian food, wine and coffee to take advantage of this hiatus (these items stain c-chains and make them look mangy). The reason for the thin wire is because they also removed and repositioned 7 brackets. 7!!! Whenever you have that much repositioning, they go back to the first thin wire and work their way back up to the thicker ones. The pain is mounting and it is likely that by end of day, my face will be throbbing with dull pain. Which will last 2 days to a week depending on how much work was done. We shall see....

Needless to say, when I asked my orthodontist if I would be getting my braces off around the 2 year mark (i.e. this December) he laughed at me. But just a little.

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