Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Shop: Share the Wealth - Banana Republic 40% off one item sale

Wednesdays in September means 40% one full price item at Banana Republic. I know this because I have a flyer sitting on my desk that has 4 perforated promo coupons (one for every Wednesday of the month) as well as an email in my inbox with a ridiculously tempting online promo code. If you haven't received the email or flyer and want it, I can forward mine. Share the wealth. The cost is that I want to know what was bought so I can have a vicarious shoppers high from a great sale purchase (Yes, it's that bad). Is anyone taking advantage of the weekly Wednesday sales?


  1. i had 3 items in my shopping bag and then backed out when I remembered it's only 1 item that's 40% off... one being that dress that you bought, but in both black and grey, since i can't decide, as well as the stripe ponte knit shift in "modern red"... if you convince me which colour of the belted shift dress to buy i'm in.

  2. I am sending you another code, you can make 2 seperate purchases with different codes (I've done this, no problem). For the belted dress, depends on what you own more of. I love black, it's my go-to choice BUT since I recently bought another dress in black I opted for grey, just for variety. I think the belt stands out more on the grey. I will tell you though, that dress is not the most comfortable. It is unlined and a bit scratchy. You'd have to see for yourself, and you can always bring it back to the store, no questions asked.