Thursday, September 13, 2012

Eat: Achtung! Fallen Cupcake!

On my way out of work yesterday I had to side step a cupcake that had been dropped on our employee entrance path. I honored a moment of silence for the fallen cupcake and carried on with my day. Sad waste of a perfectly good cupcake, It still had the pretty pink butter cream icing and everything. People need to be more careful with their cupcakes; they are cupcakes, dammit!! When I arrived this morning, this sign had been placed to warn passerby of the dangers of the fallen cupcake:

I had to take a picture. The fact a singular cupcake smear warranted a 'Caution, Work Area' sign is a bit overkill to me, but even more comical to me is the placement of a sign rather than a quick and simple clean up of the cupcake remains. Maybe they left it there as a warning to all other cupcakes??? hmmm....

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