Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Shop: Day 9, The added complexity of gift certificates

Day 9 with no retail therapy. Not so bad, not so bad. Still jonesing for that J. Crew pea coat, but that's okay. It's not like I could go the whole season thinking "Bah, I don't like this new style anyway!"

At work this week I won a 100$ gift certificate for sports experts. They have some nice yoga gear, and even better, a golf department (Nevada Bob's). But I'm scared to walk into a mall for fear of breaking my will, especially if there is a Lululemon or Banana Republic nearby. I've been debating if I should allow myself to spend gift certificates during this retail diet or wait until after Christmas. I initially only cared about all the excess spending I was doing, it wasn't really about the behaviour so much. But in hindsight, maybe giving up shopping cold turkey is key, as it will allow me to really think about my spending habits. Learn some impulse control and all that! And no, I'm not giving it away. It's one of a handful of times I actually won something, I feel like I should frame it!

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