Monday, September 10, 2012

Style: Logic, Women & Haircuts Follow Up

I was sooooo close to just asking my stylist to go for it. I think she probably sensed my indecisiveness and opted for a middle ground; a choppy bob. It's cute; I'm really liking the results. It can be polished for work or choppy/edgy for play. It flatters my hair colour, and takes minutes to blow dry into a nice shape. I have yet to play with my flat iron or curling iron but I'm looking forward to seeing the results. The only negative is this wave I get on my right side caused by my habit of tucking my hair behind my ear. Once my bangs grow back in, we'll look at trying a new shape, maybe even that crop/long bang style I loved so much. Even though I didn't go for a really short cut, I was amazed by how much of my hair was on the floor when all was said and done. I know that I often yearn for the security of a longer hairstyle (specifically 5-6 weeks after my cut) but I never feel quite as stylish as I do with a fresh new short haircut!

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