Thursday, September 13, 2012

Shop: Day 4: Son of a b@#ch! J. Crew's Tipped Peacoat

Okay, this is hard to take.

Back story: I looooove contrast trim. Ever since J. Crew released the Lexington jacket way back in 2007, I have been enamoured with contrast trim. It subsequently renewed my addiction to all things J. crew. About two years ago I bid furiously on a Lexington jacket on eBay even though I knew the size was a bit too tight. I won and I was thrilled. It wasn't even the colour combo I wanted and I rationalized that I'd lose the weight so I could wear it, but THAT never happened. On my best (skinniest) days I can squeeze into it but I wouldn't exactly call it comfortable.

Photo Courtesy of J. Crew

Current day: I just received the J. Crew newsletter for the fall and low and behold, they have made their perfect pea coat even more perfect by adding a contrast trim. Case in point: The J. Crew Tipped Pea coat. Gasp!!! I must have this!! The fact that it is 300$ US (plus duties, plus exchange, etc.) doesn't seem to deter my wavering impulse control. AWW COME ON!!! I am slowly, sadly resigning myself to the fact that over the next few days my size will gradually sell out, first in the colours I covet and then in the colours I would tolerate, until the time I can allow myself to buy it. At that point it will only be available in burgundy in a size 00 or 14, neither of which fit me. I didn't think my no-shopping sulking would start this soon.

This one smarts...

Photo Courtesy of J. Crew

Photo Courtesy of J. Crew

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