Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Shop: Sattva Pants by Lululemon

Its day 2 (of the no shopping diet) and before I even left the house this morning I saw something that I wanted to buy. My inbox contained Lululemon's latest newsletter, which had pics of these brand new lovelies:

Photo courtesy of Lululemon

Photo courtesy of Lululemon

About a year ago I bought 2 pairs (in heather midnight and flint) of Saturday pants from J. crew. Up until then I wasn't very interested in owning sweats, but online pictures of these ones really sold me.  That's when my addiction began and I found myself dropping into Lululemon stores hoping to score more sweats. Jeans these days are so restrictive, they don't lend well to curling up on the couch and I can't seem to get my head around wearing pyjamas within minutes of returning home from work.

I was adverse to sweats in general for the longest time, which I attribute to being a child of the 80's (oh the trauma!!). Even though I am a total convert with regarding to wearing sweats at home, I have caveats. I am not a fan of writing across my ass, a la Juicy or Joshua Perets. I don't think letters scrawled across my butt do me any favours. Secondly, wearing velour or terry track suit out on the town including restaurants, is in my opinion, gauche. No matter how expensive it is or what jewellery you pair it with, it's still a sweatsuit! I'm a little late in the game to be ranting about this since this style is not as rampant as it use to be. It was this very trend that kept me from even trying sweats; seeing the Phat and Juicy army on the streets of Montreal really turned me off the look.

But in the comfort of my own home (and any type of car or air travel!) I love me some sweat pants. I know many men (women too probably) cringe at the thought of this, it doesn't exactly exude sexiness. I've seen more than a few references in pop culture hinting that when a woman gets into her comfy sweats, there's no chance for sexy time. But I say nay! Not so! Especially with the flattering choices of pants that J. crew, LuLu and other stores have these days. Gone are the days of the old school sweat pant offenders: no camel toe, no parachute hips, no flat ass, no cinched cuffs that sit too high on your ankles! Uhh, that wasn't just me, right? Look at these pants and tell me you don't want a lazy Saturday on the couch in these?

Photo Courtesy of J. Crew

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