Thursday, March 7, 2013

Watch/Eat: Bacon Pancakes!

Whenever I go to my parents place for dinner, I find myself sitting with my nephew in front of the boob tube. It's cool because I get a glimpse into what the latest trends/shows are for a typical seven year old. Some have been mind numbing, others were interesting based on the sheer marketing genius behind them (i.e. Skylanders). A few months ago I was introduced to the show Adventure Time on Teletoon and it didn't take long before I was hooked. The humour is layered and the character design is so darn cute. I simply adore the characters of Jake, Finn, Gunter and even the Ice King. It appeals to both children and adults alike but I think as time passed I was actually starting to enjoy it more than my nephew. What does that say about my maturity level? Since then, I started recording it myself so that I could watch it on my own. So when a friend posted this video clip on Facebook, I had to check it out. Go on, try it, you'll like it:

Wasn't that awesome? Watch it again, I swear it gets better with every repeat. Hooked yet? I must have watched this mash up about 50 times by now and it never gets old. I think this little clip has broke my brain. It has the Pavlovian effect of making me giggle dumbly each and every time I watch's likely I drool at the same time, I can't say for sure.Whenever I am not focused on something specific, the song creeps into my head and I feel compelled to sing it. After having this song in my head for close to a week straight (from the minute I get up to trying to fall asleep at night) I decided the only thing I could do was prepare bacon pancakes in it's honour and hope I would be released from it's spell. As you may suspect, it didn't work but what the hell, it was delicious....and yes, I sang bacon pancakes to myself while I flipped my pancakes. Even did the little arm gestures that Jake does...but that's probably too much information.

Good luck trying to get this little earworm out of your head. There's a ten hour loop of it on Youtube for the truely hardcore. I gave it a shot but even I gave up after about five repeats of the chorus.

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