Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Watch: So freaking psyched for GoT!!

I don't know if I have ever been so excited about a television show. Okay, maybe for a time I was as infatuated with Lost but I blame it on the gimmicky cliffhangers they employed to manipulate audiences to stick around. (Stupid, stupid Lost..... worst 'payoff' ever!) GoT doesn't need such gimmicks to entice me to come back week after week. I adore everything about the show; the actors, dialogue, set design, costumes, etc. It's hard to pinpoint what aspects I like best since I really think it's strong all around.

Needless to say, Sunday evening is all about Game of Thrones. I was adamant about keeping it free for the sole purpose of watching the season premiere in real time. Not after the fact on PVR. Nope. I must watch it right away so not a single plot line will be ruined for me on Facebook before I get to see it. No joke, I was willing to skip out on Easter festivities if needed just so I could watch it. I have the Easter bunny at my house anyway; she'll be watching it with me.

Photo courtesy of HBO

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