Saturday, March 30, 2013

Trend: Birkenstocks and Socks?

Egads! Please don't tell me that this is the next big thing? I am definitely not on board with this trend.

What's up with shoe trends as of late? I thought we were finally leaving Uggs behind. I get that they are comfortable and all but I am a firm believer that "if it's cold enough to wear boots, it's too cold to wear shorts". Shabby, salt stained Uggs are the antithesis of fashion. Sorry Uggies, don't mean to offend but those booties need upkeep to look decent at the best of times.

I accepted the Hunter rain boot trend, complete with the specialized sock insert (read: expensive) but socks and Birkenstocks? Even GQ is debating this, and I cringe at the fact they think it's acceptable even some of the time. The Sartorialist is usually on the ball about these things, so perhaps Montreal is only a few weeks away from a Birkenstock Sock invasion - and not just at your local organic health food store!

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