Friday, March 22, 2013

Shop: Spring Splurge at LOFT

While in Vegas I had the opportunity to shop at some of my favourite clothing stores that have not yet made their way to Montreal. Perhaps it is simply not having these stores in Montreal which makes me want to shop there but I long for the day they open up a few locations here locally. I'm sure some of the cachet of J. Crew has a lot to do with it's inaccessibility. Unfortunately I did not find a J. Crew in Vegas but I did get to visit LOFT.

LOFT is to Anne Taylor what the Gap is to Banana Republic. A lower price point and lower quality but similar cut/colour/style based on the season. For example, both Gap and BR will have a henley or camp shirt in their collection but the quality of the seaming/buttons/material would be noticeably better in the Banana Republic version. Same rules apply to Ann Taylor/LOFT.

In any case, LOFT has a really cute collection this season. I love the mix of bright bold patterns and colour contrasted with black and white combinations. If you like wearing colour then this season is for you; every store seems to have oodles of clothing in turquoise, teal, coral, fuchsia, and orange. So pretty!

These are items that I ended up buying, on sale no less. It's a bit early here in Montreal to be wearing spring clothes but I've just combining the sleeveless tops with cardigans for now. I'm hoping we see some spring weather soon but the first day of spring brought 15cm of snow...sigh...spring in Montreal. Soon...

Dot Print Pleated Knit Shell by LOFT

Falling Dots Print Fluid Henley Blouse by LOFT

Parrot Print Colorblock Hem Shell by LOFT

Parrot Print Colorblock Hem Shell by LOFT

Parrot Print Wedge Dress by Loft

Parrot Print Wedge Dress by LOFT

Floral Variety Drapey Crepe Blazer by LOFT

Floral Variety Drapey Crepe Blazer by LOFT

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