Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bunny: Hanging out on the Couch

I have no idea if all bunnies have trust issues or if Ellie is particular. It's not to say that she is unfriendly, but if she decides she wants to stretch out and relax she always makes sure she's just out of arms reach when she does it. Sometimes I tippy-toe over to her ninja-style so that I can pet her exposed belly but most of the time my ninja-style is more akin to elephant-style and she jolts up before I can reach her.

But lately, Ellie has taken a liking to hanging out with us on the couch. She still remains just out of reach, stretching out on the arm of the couch like a gargoyle but it's nice to feel like she wants to be closer to us now. One magical evening while I was stretched out on the couch with my arm draped out over a pillow, she actually placed herself on the pillow along my underarm and torso so that I was spooning her as she lied down. I'm glad Marc was there to see it because he would have never believed me otherwise. It felt like the ultimate acceptance. It only lasted 10 minutes but it was awesome!

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