Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Read: Good on you, N.D.G!

I was thoroughly excited when I spotted this little 'vending machine' in N.D.G recently. I've never seen it before and wasn't even aware it existed until a few weeks ago when I was walking back to my car from a doctor appointment. At first I assumed it was a highly graffiti-ed newspaper vending machine but when I got up close I was surprised to discover it was a borough sponsored initiative to allow locals to drop off/pick up free books. Now I will admit that it only had a handful of books in it and none of them were very interesting to me but I applaud the initiative! If this project is only a pilot, I hope the boxes remain until at least the end of the year because I believe that they will see more use in the spring and summer months. Not long after I saw the first one outside Second Cup on Sherbrooke, I saw another on Monkland near Old Orchard. I really love the idea, and I will definitely set aside some books to share. Has anyone used this service yet? Cool beans!

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