Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Shop: Daffodils Days

As part of Daffodil month, the Canadian Cancer Society sets up kiosks all  over Quebec to sell fresh daffodils. I've never seen any advertisement in advance of the event so never know when it will be held. For this reason I always keep an eye out, especially since the event only lasts about four days. I think it's a great opportunity to donate to the cause with the added benefit of having some lovely flowers to decorate my desk. My favourite flower, actually. Luckily for me, my company hosts the event every year. I am always pleasantly surprised when I walk into the cafeteria at lunch time and see the table set up with all the flowers in jars that have yet to bloom.

When I saw the kiosk last Wednesday, I handed over a twenty dollar bill and asked for ten dollars worth of flowers. I told the woman that they could keep the extra money as a donation; I normally take the opportunity to buy a bundle of flowers but also to donate a little extra. It's not terribly complicated logic, at least not to me... I give ten dollars for ten actual flowers and they keep the extra ten dollars for the cause. The woman thought about it for a few seconds before declaring that it was too complicated and insisted that I just take twenty dollars worth of flowers. I considered trying to correct her (they could sell it to another person to raise more money!) but in the end I didn't protest. They still got the money even if the gesture wasn't as altruistic as I intended.

Aren't they pretty? They smelled wonderful too.

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