Friday, March 8, 2013

Shop: The Perfect Apron

While strolling on St. Denis this past weekend, Marc and I stopped in at Arthur Quentin, one of our  favourite kitchen/houseware stores in Montreal. They carry wonderful kitchen goodies from Quebec and all over the world. It's hard to keep my impulse control in check when we shop here because I have fantasies about buying everything There's nothing I don't want; dish towels, copper cookware, laguioles knives, opinel knives, Émile Henry and le Crueset dutch ovens, etc. dreamy. It's a candy store for adults who like to cook. Some items sport big ticket price tags but what I like about the place is that they also carry fun kitchen gadgets and tools that are quite reasonably priced as well.

As of late, I have been searching high and low for the perfect apron. I scoured Etsy but I found the retro girlie aprons to be just that - girlie frou frou with much too much in the way of ruffles and lace. I've seen a few aprons at Williams & Sonoma that nearly made the cut but with such hefty price tags  (between 40-80 dollars) I was hesitant to buy something I didn't absolutely love. That is, until I saw this cute little number at Arthur Quentin. I knew I had to have it, despite the cost. I love the old illustration-style of the image; even the brown colour seems to add an antique feel to it. Like most unisex aprons the non-adjustable neck loop is a bit too big which causes the apron to droop a bit, but this apron is so wonderful it's worth having it adjusted. As per my OCD tendency, I am loathe to get it stained or dirty, even though I am well aware that it's primary purpose is to take the brunt of food splatter and splash so that my clothes stay clean. I know I will get over it after the first few stains happen but for now I am enjoying it's pristine state.

I hope Eleanor doesn't think I'm trying to say anything about the connection between rabbits and dinner preparation, I have no intention of mixing the two.

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