Monday, October 1, 2012

Shop: The post where I mention Dicks four times

It's Day 22 and I must begin by saying that there were some retail expenditures this past weekend. Before I started this little test of will I had made plans with my family to go away for a weekend of golfing and shopping. When I set up my ground rules for this weekend, I decided that some minor spending was allowable as long as I stuck to stores/deals that I didn't have at home. I figured that a full day of golfing would keep me away from the stores for at least one of the two days, keeping the temptation to a minimum.

As luck (and weather) would have it, our weekend was completely rained out. We made the no-go call Saturday morning after we sat down for an early breakfast. We ended up spending most of the day shopping and I ended up spending at two stores, Target and Dick's Sporting Goods. I bought a mish mash of small odds and ends at Target (Ice cream scoop, Hair elastics, Halloween & Christmas decor, 6 dollar t-shirts and a flannel button down from the men's department) for about 75 dollars. At Dick's Sporting Goods I bought a golf skirt that had been discounted twice down to 30$, and four exercise singlets (Nike & Adidas) for yoga and gym workouts. I realize that buying four singlets is a tad excessive but they were 20-25 dollars a shirt, compared to the typical 65 dollar price tag at Lululemon for one shirt. It certainly fixes the workout laundry problem I've had lately and will (hopefully) curb my appetite for all things Lululemon.

I behaved myself on Sunday, making no retail purchases other than some orthodontic supplies. The full extent of the retail damage for the weekend was less than 250 dollars, which I think is pretty tame given my track record. Now that I am back home the shopping ban is back in full effect with the exception of Birthday and Christmas gift shopping that will soon be upon me.

On a side note, some anecdotal evidence of my immaturity:

As my family sat together for breakfast Saturday morning planning our day, I mentioned that I'd like to go to Dick's Sporting Goods because they have a good selection of golf equipment and clothing. My mother, trying to be helpful, explained that I could download and print coupons off of the Internet. She suggested that I "go on the Internet and search for Dicks". I burst out laughing, asking her if she's sure she wants me to do that?! It was hilarious to see her blush all kinds of red when she realized what she had said. I considered it my duty to tease her for the rest of the weekend. Ahhh wholesome family fun....good times.

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