Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween: My costume is Adult Braces Woman!! What's yours?

I am scheduled on Thursday for yet another installment of "Adventures in Orthodontics". In other words, I'm saving scary for the day after Halloween.

The purpose of this appointment has something to do with 'bonding', adding back a c-chain and most likely a replacement of my upper and lower wires with larger gauge wires. I have no idea what bonding is. It wasn't explained to me and I have found varying answers on the scary ol' Internet. To be honest, I never really know what I am in for until I'm in the chair. I know the orthodontist has a general game plan, but the way he decides on the fly to move brackets and add springs, I'm thinking it's a perpetual work in progress. Which explains why he won't give me a straight answer when I ask "when do we think these monstrosities are coming off?". I can barely remember what it was like before braces.

I'm generally pleased with the progress, don't get me wrong. I think my upper teeth look fantastic, aside from the curved wear and tear on one of my front teeth which results from years of constant grinding against my bottom teeth. The orthodontist has assured me that it will be capped with a veneer or some equivalent to even out the appearance. I THINK this is what he referred to as bonding. We shall see! My front teeth on the bottom however, are making me crazy. All my lower teeth have ever-so-slowly rotated as planned, creating the ideal 'U' shape in my mouth. The only remaining problem is that the two bottom front teeth which have always been crooked and jammed together just will not separate and align properly, even after three separate bracket adjustments. So frustrating!

I am praying to the Halloween spirits that by Halloween next year my braces will be a thing of the past so that my boyfriend won't suggest for the third year in a row that I dress up like the mean little (brace-face) girl from Finding Nemo. I already went as Sookie with braces (from True Blood) and Marge with braces (from the Simpsons), so I'm hoping that next years costume will be brace free!


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