Thursday, October 11, 2012

Shop: Lessons from a Retail Diet

Day 32. I had to spend over 500$ on winter tires this past weekend so it's not like I haven't been spending...just not on retail therapy. But I have learned a few things over the last 32 days:
  • I dislike 3 of the 4 bottles of toner that I am using. I didn't notice because I was rotating my use, but now that I am finishing the products off, I am forced to use one product for multiple days in a row and I don't care for the way my skin feels after a few days use. When all is said and done, I will buy only one toner. (Don't you feel better, knowing that I have settled on a toner?)
  • Banana Republic send way too many emails. As does Bath and Body Works, GolfTown and J. Crew. I still torment myself by looking at them when I really should just unsubscribe.
  • I don't consume nearly enough tea to warrant my spending habit at David's Tea. I can't cut through my supply. As much as I like the tea, I like coffee more.
  • That I actually do get a vicarious thrill out of helping other people shop. I find it satisfying to help someone decide on an article of clothing or product, almost as much as when it's for myself. I've joked many times that I should have been a personal shopper. I really do think I could be good at it. I'm not going to say that I always put together the best outfit combinations but if someone told me that they were looking for a motorcycle boot or a nice cardigan, I'm betting I could research the crap of out it and come up with some fine options to choose from. Such a wasted skill! Why couldn't I be better at algebra? Instead I aced 'What Not to Wear'.
  • Now that I'm not spending as much time trolling stores, I have rediscovered 'me' time on the couch with a book and coffee (or reading a book in a hot bath, for that matter).I have many unread books around the apartment just waiting to be enjoyed, and an ample supply of coffee. Definitely a more affordable way to spend a couple hours, or at least until I run out of new books.


  1. I never used toner, never understood the purpose. Maybe you can enlighten me. And? I forgot to show you my ridiculous NY shoe purchase. next time.

  2. I use it mostly because I have formed an addiction to it, like lip balm. I use the one they say is no longer good for your skin you because it has alcohol in it, from Clinique. Even after washing my face, I find that when I use this stuff (on a cotton make up pad) it removes so much gunk on my face. At this point, my face only feels clean after I use it. I tend to have an oily t-zone and toner really absorbs the oil. Leaves my cheeks a bit dry in winter though. I tried using the ones without alcohol and they don't seem to work as well for me. And yes!! I want to see the shoes!! picture?? (what about allsaints btw??)