Friday, October 5, 2012

Eat: Happy Gobble, Gobble!!

Joy! It's Friday! Even better, it's a three-day long weekend for Thanksgiving and we have lots of fun plans in store. On Sunday I'm taking nephew to lunch and then to see the movie Hotel Transylvania. It's the first time I (Auntie Heather) get to take my nephew out without family supervision. He's too young for a tattoo, but piercings are OK, right? I kid, I kid...I'll bring him back in one piece.

In terms of Thanksgiving festivities, we have two family dinners planned. One is at my parents place on Sunday for a traditional turkey feast and another, less conventional dinner is planned for Saturday night at Venti Osteri with my boyfriend's family. Have I mentioned that Venti is one of my two favourite restaurants? That they rotate their menu seasonally and I am dying to try their latest Fall creations? Wild Boar Ragu, here I come. Tradition be damned, I am electric with excitement over their menu. Observe the photographic evidence of Venti's might, home made cured meats and salumi!!:

Happy Thanksgiving to the Canadian folks out there. Enjoy those tasty, tasty calories.


On a side's Day 26 of the no shopping diet. So far, so good. I have a few expenses that I need to deal with in the coming weeks. A few birthday presents to purchase, winter tires, maintenance & supplies for the car, etc. With all that shopping, it's hard to I have gift certificates for a few retail stores that I am trying to forget about; between the required spending and the gift certificates, it wouldn't feel much like a no shopping challenge.

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