Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Shop: J. Crew Tipped Pea coat in Antique White

Something happened recently that kinda sorta ticked me off. By kinda sorta, I mean a lot. When I get super pissed off, I do one of three things: eat bad food, shop or work out. Or any combination of the three. Considering I'm trying to lose some weight and I'm also trying not to shop, the only non-damaging option would have been to work out. So I did, and it was a good way to let off some steam but in the end, it was simply not enough of a distraction to avoid the temptation of the other two habits. I completely broke down and bought the J. Crew tipped pea coat that I have been drooling over for the last two months. And yes....I did feel better. In fact, I still do, which surprises me. Truth be told, the satisfaction of buying the coat outweighed any guilt I thought I'd feel about failing my no-shopping challenge. Of course, it sucks that I don't have the willpower to go three months without frivolous shopping but at least I scaled back the habit and I genuinely believe that I will consider my purchases more carefully now. Also, I'm more than a little pleased that I got the coat on eBay and saved nearly 130$ off the SALE price of coat on the J. crew site, if you factor in duties and shipping. Teehee...

It's as if the universe sensed my weakness and sent me some astutely directed e-newsletters from my favourite money traps. Temptation at Banana Republic came in the form of Striped sweater dress, the Draped knit dress in Teal Shadow and the Lydia silk blouse in Saucy Red. Lululemon added new winter ready pants to their collection; I am an absolute sucker for track or jogging pants so these are right up my alley. The Forme Pant, Dog Runner Pant and Pleasing Pant are all pure temptation for me. The First Base tank looks really nice too, especially in the grey/black stripe and colour block versions. Ugh, temptation is everywhere! Maybe I better just head back to the gym and hope this retail craving passes.

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