Monday, November 12, 2012

Shop: Draped Knit Dress from Banana Republic

I'm feeling more than a little sheepish today. I must admit to defeat... the retail diet is no more. After 60 odd days, I completely snapped and took to the mall last Friday. I scavenged Banana Republic; 50% off new items at a friends & family sale was too good to pass up. Add a '2 for 1' deal at H&M on sweaters and dresses,  100$ in gift certificates at The Bay and I think you get the picture. I am a weak, weak girl. It reminded me of what it was like when I had bacon for the first time after being vegetarian for a year. It was downright frenzied, and perhaps a tiny bit lustful.

And so, once again life proves that moderation is the key, not abstinence. I'll just have to work on defining what my idea of 'moderate' is. In the meantime, I will put on my best guilty face, not to mention my new Draped Knit Dress in Teal Shadow from Banana Republic, and reflect on my actions. The least I can do is be stylishly remorseful.

Photo Courtesy of Banana Republic

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  1. omg i've been staring at this one for a while now... 50% off new items? This is what I would have chosen... perhaps I will cave eventually and then we would have to coordinate outfits if going out together ;)