Friday, November 2, 2012

Eat: Bright side of a soft food diet

My mouth throbs with pain. This last adjustment was a killer. Chewing is proving to be very challenging, whenever my top and bottom front teeth make contact its like a mini lightning bolt has hit my jaw. I'm hoping to have a miraculous recovery for dinner at Tuck Shop tonight; a reservation was made weeks ago, before I had an inkling of how intense this last orthodontist appointment would be. If I haven't improved by tonight, I hope they atleast have some really sharp steak knives so I can cut everything into gulp-able pieces.

Having said that, a soft food diet is not all that bad. I'm about to make some soft buttermilk pancakes for brunch. My 'chewing' will be something akin to a snake swallowing its prey in one whole piece. But damn, do I love me some pancakes! Last nights dinner was soft polenta with Marc's ragu; barely any chewing needed but delicious! Nothing like a bolognese ragu and glass(es) of red wine to take the edge off.

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