Thursday, November 22, 2012

Play: Left 4 Dead on XBOX

It's been a rock and roll week at work. It always seems to go this way when you have vacation time planned. It's a bit of office irony when you consider how much extra work you do in the weeks preceding vacation in order to be able to take time off. It feels like an oxymoron, expending energy in the hopes of recouping energy, but that's the way it goes. Also, I'm not the brightest person taking time off at the end of the year when projects/contract/you-name-it have deadlines and renewals that typically coincide with year end. This is why my post frequency has dropped this week. No, no, not because I write at work (although sometimes I do draft ideas over lunch time...) but because I am something akin to a zombie when I get home. Way too tired to post or do anything other than spend time on the couch. I would have probably ordered out for dinner every night this week due to sheer laziness but I'm a lucky gal; I have a guy who knows his way around a kitchen. I've had dinner waiting for me three nights in a row. Yep, it's nice to be spoiled.

In honour of my zombie-like persona these days, I would like to mention that Marc and I have been spending hours at a time on the couch, in the dark, massacring zombies. We recently decided that rather than watching TV we would try playing some cooperative games on the XBOX instead. Since I'm a zombie fan, Marc suggested Left 4 Dead. Despite my initial reluctance, I am now officially hooked. We finished the first game pretty quickly and immediately moved on to Left 4 Dead 2. We are already near the end of the 2nd game and I am already wondering what game we will take on next to fill the void. Suggestions?

On a side note, Marc has the patience of a saint. I had a really hard time getting use to navigation using the XBOX controller. In the past, I stubbornly insisted on staying with the easier-to-use directional pad, but with most games these days you navigate using two stick controls. Let me just say that at one point my character was stuck standing in a bathtub, in the dark, pointing a flashlight at the ceiling and wondering why I couldn't find my way out. Thankfully once he stopped laughing at me, Marc was kind enough to save me from the dreaded bathtub of despair.

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