Monday, August 20, 2012

Drink: The Bootlegging continues....

Last night marked the end of the required 7 days of marinating fennel fronds & seeds in vodka to prepare the alcohol base for Finocchietto. The next step was to prepare a simple syrup; which was as easy as it sounds. Melt sugar in water, bring up to a simmer then cool to room temperature. Once it cooled, I strained the vodka directly into the simple syrup mixture, stirred and stored the sealed bottle in the refridgeator. Somewhere in the middle of all this I messed up; I forgot that I made aproximately 3/4 cup of simple syrup more than what was needed, but only remembered AFTER I strained the vodka directly into it. My only saving grace might be that I played with the syrup recipe to begin with, as many online reviews indicated that the amounts given in the recipe make more of a caramel consistancy than that of a syrup. So I cut back drastically on the sugar in the mix but added too much of the syrup to the alcohol. Sigh..... I will let the flavours meld in the fridge for a few days before having a taste but I'm hoping the end result is salvagable. I tiny taste before I put it away makes me think its quite close to what I tasted in Italy, even the colour is pretty spot on. Maybe I should start thinking of making my own moonshine labels!

Fennel seed & frond marinating in vodka
About to pour the flavoured vodka into the simple syrup
Final Product, syrup and alcohol combined

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