Monday, August 13, 2012

Shop: The return of the double breasted blazer

Within a few days of seeing this blazer on Banana Republic Online, I noticed the return of the double breasted blazer in stores all over the city. Some are slightly redesigned and are not quite true double breasted (as in the case with this one pictured) but there's no doubt this style is here for the 2012 Fall/Winter season. I was never a huge fan of the style, I was a kid in the 80's and remember the look all too well. The boxy, angular look, often with shoulder pads...still makes me cringe a little. Men looked like linebackers and women looked like, well, men. I was not exempt, I had one or two junior versions of the look, complete with gaudy enamel coated earrings, micro mini and sockettes over my sheer nylons. I have the photos to prove it. But I think this is one trend I will not be splurging on, despite my penchant for blazers. You never know, the look could grow on me if it lasts more than a season or two (like skinny jeans, I was plenty adverse to those in the beginning), but my bet is that it will go the way of last year's boxy crop tops. Any thoughts?

Courtesy of BR Online

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