Friday, August 17, 2012

Shop: First thoughts on this year's September issues

I went on a quick errand last night on the way home to get two fall essentials: a slice of carrot cake at Cho'Cola and pile of September issues. I'm subscribed to InStyle and Elle Canada, and I'm lucky enough to be on the receiving end of a magazine trade that gets me Glamour and Cosmo (albeit a month behind but free, so why not?!). So I decided to pick up Vogue, Elle and Harper's Bazaar. I thought I'd park my car and take a leisurely 4-5 block stroll to the cake and magazine shop, but I didn't account for the return trip with what I think amounted to 10 pounds of magazine and a fragile piece of cake. The cake make it home with most of the icing intact but the bag for the magazines tore and I found myself schlepping the magazine on one shoulder like a sack of potatoes. It must have been a sight.

Just a quick note from my precursory scan of Elle; it looks like booties, either high heeled or wedged are in for this season. I have a pair of black high heeled leather booties that I think will work well, despite the fact I wobble precariously when wearing them. Maybe they will get dusted off for the season. Getting more use out of a pair of shoes that you thought were 'over' is fantastic! But the wedge booties....eeehhhhh....not sure yet. I wore lots of platformed and wedged boots in the 90's and I'm not terribly nostalgic for the style. When I see the pictures of myself  I think "lunar landing". I also think these shoes might look better on long lean legs rather than short, large (ahem, athletic!!) legs so I'm a bit apprehensive of adopting the style.

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