Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Shop: Gap Ponte Academy Blazer

This past Saturday was rainy and gray; a far cry from the intensely sunny and hot weather we have been having for weeks in Montreal. So what better way is there to spend a rainy day than having a  massage followed by coffee and shopping with a girlfriend?
I'm usually a solo shopper, mostly due to the fact that I tend to flit about quickly and touch everything in my path (tactile shopper, that's me), but I find myself extremely compatible with this particular friend. Not only is she good company but she pushes me to try items I would normally shy away from (bold colours & shapes I don't think will work for me, etc.) Perhaps we are shopping-compatible because we are both such What Not to Wear fan-girls.
In any case, I was thrilled when we passed by the display window of the GAP and I saw the Ponte Academy blazer in purple. It's been sold out online for a couple weeks now. Not only did they have my size but they were also having their friends & family 30% sale. Needless to say, I went home with this bold little sucker; and yes, it brightened my day! I'd like to think that my friend approved of my colour choice.

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