Monday, August 27, 2012

Shop: BR Belted Sheath at 50% off, allelujah!!

I succumbed to the 50% off sale at Banana Republic. But I was good. You know.... for me. I bought only three of the allotted five items that the coupon was good for. Two of my purchases were camisoles. We all know those aren't really fun things to buy anyhow but I have to, every now and then. I hate spending money on an extra layer of (skin toned) clothing that is never meant to be seen. But alas, see-through blouses in the office are a bit of a faux pas regardless of what the recent flock of summer student interns seem to think. Even worse than having to buy these camis is having to buy them at full price. I tried going cheaper at places like Dynamite but they fall apart so quickly and just don't feel as nice, so once or twice a year I stock up on a few of these bland little numbers:

Photo courtesy of BR
The big purchase was this dress, which I have been eyeing since it came out:

Photo courtesy of BR
Photo courtesy of BR
When it first came out I hesitated as I tend to do and just like that, my size was sold out online. Which I took as a sign that I shouldn't buy it. But then the 50% deal appeared from the heavens (ie. inbox) and I thought, if it's there in my size and it fits...well, that's a sign too, isn't it? When I showed up at the store it was available in my size AND in both the black and grey colours, well... More signs! After trying it on in grey and deciding that I did indeed like the fit/cut, I went back to see if I liked the black better but it was already gone. I then rationalized that it was a sign that the other dress was taken in the 5 minutes I was gone; that it was a dress worth having because it was so coveted! Yep, that's how my mind works; somehow I've developed superstitions related solely to shopping. I swear, I am far more rational minded in regular life....but I reserve a whole other logic (or lack thereof) for shopping.

As I was paying, I overheard the woman beside me asking if there was a sale. She didn't have a coupon and the sales people were pretty much giving her a tough luck speech, so I asked if I could cover her purchases with the rest of my coupon, which, to my surprise, they allowed. She was really grateful and I felt good about sharing, Which kinda takes the edge off the shoppers remorse (but not really).

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