Thursday, December 13, 2012

Smuggle: Pocket Knife

See this cute little knife? I adore it. I've been told I have an unnatural affection for knives to begin with but I do have a special fondness for this little guy. I've had it in my possession since 1995, when it was given to me by a fellow McDonald's coworker after I had lost my Swiss army knife. I'm sure it wasn't terribly expensive but I really appreciated the thought that went into it's purchase. I have pretty much carried it with me ever since, transferring it from one purse to another so I would have it handy. I have found it to be a heaven sent when a situation arises that requires a knife. As of late, I have been carrying two pocket knives. I acquired a gorgeous Laguiole folding knife recently and since I can't choose a favourite, I carry both. When my braces are painful after an adjustment I use the laguiole to cut food into small, manageable bites while I use the smaller knife for non-food related, utility tasks. That's right people - I carry two knives.

Knowing how much I adore these knives, I have been especially careful to remove them from my purse when I have to fly, due to the carry on restrictions. I once had to hand over some pricey grooming scissors, and I'm still smarting from it. I made a conscious effort to put my laguiole in my dresser drawer before I left for my trip to Fort Worth. Which was why I was so flabbergasted when I discovered the utility knife in my makeup bag while I was in the airport bathroom between connections. Firstly, how did I manage to forget it in there, and second, how in the world did it make it through a security scan? I could only rationalize that it was squished in with bobby pins and metal hair clips which may have fudged up the scan, but still! As soon as I got to the hotel I moved the knife to my check-in luggage so I wouldn't make the same mistake again. I'm thrilled I wasn't forced to abandon it at the security gate, but I'm still a bit blown away by the fact they didn't notice it.

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