Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Shop: J. Crew Antique White Tipped Pea Coat for Sale!

Let me start by saying: Don't judge me.

I bought this coat on eBay, in my typical size six. When it arrived I was giddy, but it quickly turned to disappointment when I realized that the arms, specifically the biceps, were too tight on me. Wearable, but not comfortable. I made elaborate plans in my head that involved me working out and losing weight in the hopes of having a more comfortable fit and then promptly forgot about it. The working out I mean, not the coat. I daydreamed about the coat. Sigh....  All was lost until I went to J. Crew during my trip to Fort Worth. Lo and behold, I found the very same coat in a size 10 on the sale rack with an additional 30% reduction! Huzzah!! I figured it would be way too big, but with a chunky sweater the fit ended up being roomy but still tailored enough to fit well.

Yes, I bought the same jacket. Twice. But would you like to buy it once, for a good price? If anyone is interested (and has some thin arms) send me a message and let me know. I'd let it go for a reasonable price just to see it go to a good home rather than gathering dust in my already too packed closet.


  1. The size 10 would likely be tight on me so I am very sorry that I cannot help you out on this one...

  2. Yes I do actually. Still for sale. I can't remember if the tags are still on it but it's never been worn, other than to try on.

  3. Wow, I thought I posted an update on here, I'm sorry. I would be willing to sell for 100$ plus shipping. I paid 150$ US, I never wore it out, just tried it on and realized it was too tight for me in the upper arms.