Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Celebrate: Happy Holidays

Warning: This post is embarrassingly emotional. Read at your own risk, as it entirely lacks self deprecation, irony or smart ass commentary (and YES, I did write it myself).

I spent the better part of last Friday in transit from Fort Worth to Montreal. When I arrived at the airport, Marc was there to greet me. He carried my bags to the car and drove me home, which was heaven sent after a weary and long day of travel. When we arrived home, I was surprised by the sight of a beautiful eight foot Christmas tree in our living room (my first real tree!) and a fridge full of ingredients for my return home breakfast & dinner for the following day. If I wasn't spoiled enough already, he also made me a yummy egg in the hole at 11:30pm because I was peckish after missing out on dinner. We had a drink together on the couch and caught up before I passed out, exhausted but thoroughly happy to be home and in the presence of my favourite person in the world.

See that? That whole last paragraph? That's completely new for me. Not just being treated so well but also being 'that' girl who is silly in love and annoyingly gushy about it. I'm probably embarrassing the shit out of him by posting this, but I can't help it. Heading into the holiday season, I have to acknowledge that after a couple years of relationship woes, I am exactly, completely, where I want to be. Everything (work, family, health, etc.) just seems easier because my disposition is so transformed, and I know that it's due to being in a healthy and happy relationship with someone I love. Add to this, the fact that I am only a few days away from being on vacation/holidays until Jan 3rd and I can barely contain myself. So forgive me if I blather on much too much about my nesting habits and holiday preparations. Perhaps I am going into this season a little too 'Clark Griswold' in my expectations, but I already have at least four (fake) squirrels in my tree and so far, so good!

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