Monday, June 2, 2014

Shopping: sephora lip balm

I don't get out much these days, so I usually end up with a long list of supplies that I need to buy whenever I do get out. I'm not one of these (talented) mommys that head out dressed up nice and stroll around with their baby, acting like it's nothing to lug around a 40 pound carrier and change poo diapers in filthy mall settings; I tend to wait until my mom babysits and then I do a marathon shopping trip to do everything at once. Usually with dirty hair and the least dirty pair of pants that fit, praying that I won't run into anyone I know. Oh how my standards have changed... Jebus help me. It doesn't help that I'm super picky and don't want other people helping out by picking things up for me. Let's just call me choosy and leave it there. 

Along with a million baby supplies, my mega shopping list included lip balm, which I needed desperately because I haven't worn anything but lip balm since last October when I went on Mat leave. I searched a few pharmacies during my shopping binges to no avail, since the one I liked (soft lips) could not be found. I just wanted a balm that had no colour and no flavour, which is oddly a difficult feat. I nearly gave in a bought Fresh sugar lip treatment at Sephora, which has a whopping 26$ price tag, but cooler heads prevailed when I spotted this in house Sephora product for 6$. I am living off a mat leave salary after all!! After a week of use I gotta say that I love it. I noticed it's a limited edition So I may need to stock up. I highly recommend this one if you are in the market for a subtle scent and nourishing texture without being tacky/sticky, and overly flavoured or scented

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