Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Brace face no more

I can't believe that I posted so many updates on my progress with orthodontic braces and never bothered to report on the results. Check out these choppers: 

The braces came off in December during new baby craziness, so it was a bit of a non event after so much build up. In January after holiday madness, I had my top two front teeth built up with new bottom edges. I really underestimated what a difference this would make to my smile, even more than the actual straightening with braces. At first I was upset with how different it looked but within a week I barely noticed the difference. I recently saw a photo of how short my two front teeth were and I'm glad we adjusted this because braces alone would not have had the best impact.

At this point I'm still supposed to wear my retainer 24/7, but this proves difficult, mostly because I am busy with Olivia and I often forget to put it back on after a meal. I'm trying to be good, I really am. So was it all worth it? Ehhhh, I'm still on the fence. At this age, a lot of wear and tear has already changed my teeth to a point where even braces didn't amount to this mind blowing result that I expected. I'm happy with the results but I'm not sure that at this stage of my life it was worth the hassle. In any case, the saga of braceface is over at last. Hoohaa!

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