Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Stay at home mama

Little miss Olivia has been keeping me busy. I went missing from this blog a couple months prior to her birth and since then, updating a blog has been the furthest thing from my mind. I seem to have little capacity to take on anything above and beyond baby care, preparing food, and minimal hygiene. Pretty picture, hun? But this little 6 month old is (as predicted by all parents everywhere) the best thing in my life.

In between naps and bottle sterilizing, i have been visiting facebook and posting/sharing things i like and i must admit that I'm probably driving my friends nuts with all my rabbit and baby related posts. But facebook posts are bite sized and just the 5-minutes-at-a-time amount of leisure reading i have available these days. Anyhow, i figure i should come back here with all my "likes" and "shares" since they are more for me than for others anyhow. So here i am. And I'm armed with many, many photos of my baby (and fur baby)...

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