Wednesday, September 4, 2013

An End in Sight

Wow, I am still in stunned disbelief! After all this time, the orthodontist has finally given me the okay to book my final four orthodontic appointments to have my braces removed! Oh joy!

The process involves four orthodontic appointments;
1. A final check up in late October to make sure my teeth are still stabilized
2. Impressions of my teeth will be taken six weeks later (early December) to create my permanent retainer.
3. The actual removal of the braces will occur 2 weeks after impressions on Dec 17th
4. A day later, they will apply the permanent retainer

On the same day that get my braces removed, I will also need to make an appointment with my regular dentist to fix the lower edges of my top front teeth. Naturally, there is a catch. These appointments in December will arrive at nearly the same time as my baby. My due date is November 23rd and if I was to bet money, I would say my due date will be later than expected. This means that in all likelihood my due date will either be in direct conflict with the appointments OR I will have a brand new baby to content with. Either way, it makes these appointments complicated.

I am so so so eager to do this! It would be an amazing Christmas gift to myself. I do find it ironic that this event (which I have been waiting for with baited breath) completely conflicts with my due date but luckily the orthodontist admin assistant was kind enough to give me some options. She very patiently arranged two different streams of appointments, one in December and the other in January so that if I had to cancel, I could still have dates planned for the next month. I'm trying to console myself that it's merely one month longer and there is an end in sight, but truth be told I was hoping this would all be done with before I had the baby.

In any case, I realize it's all out of my hands at this point. So much to be excited about this year...I'm really loving year 35, it's been good to me :-)

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