Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Shop: Banana Republic's Monique clutch in Coral

Another day, another sale at Banana Republic. Every email evokes a Pavlovian effect in me to scour the site for new goodies. I have been better about my retail spending but it's got less to do with a conscious effort to stop spending and more to do with the fact I'm not feeling particularly attractive these days (bloated and ouchie from my lovely UC*). Being in a UC flare up tends to have a direct correlation to my disinterest in clothing. You can always tell when I'm not feeling the self-esteem because my purchasing turn towards accessories. Lovely items that do not require a Small, Medium or Large size to fit into my life. One size fits all....and will continue to fit whether or not my belly bloats. So.....a 40% promo code and no interest in clothes? Jewellery, scarves and purses, oh my! I have already beaten this point to death but winter is getting to me.  I really wanted something that said 'Spring' to me so the colour of this pretty little thing really caught my eye. I love the lattice work of the leather as well as the gold tone of the hardware. At 40% off, the Monique clutch was too hard to resist. Is it too much to hope that it's arrival will bring with it some spring weather as well?

* NOTE: I will forever after refer to Ulcerative Colitis as UC, so that I avoid having to spell it and make a million typos. Besides, even typing ulcerative colitis is yucky. Boooooooo....UC sucks.

Photo courtesy of BR

Photo courtesy of BR

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