Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I don't want to sound like a total conspiracy theorist but here it goes: Someone stole my coffee mug.

It's POSSIBLE that I misplaced it but no, I'm sure some mean jerk took it. I had it on my desk when I left the office last Friday and it was gone when I arrived on Monday morning. I checked around all the offices that I used on Friday, and even the coffee station and cafeteria but to no avail. I'm totally bummed. I know it's just a mug but it was a cool mug! I got it a few years back from the Crow Bookshop in Burlington, Vermont. I adore the bookshop, it has the ambiance and layout of the kind of quintessential bookshop that you just want to spend hours perusing. Not to mention the fact I love the graphic design of the namesake crow that adorns their store front. I was all too happy to pick up one of their branded mugs. I have a thing for quirky or interestingly designed coffee mugs.

So, in ode to my mug, I give you the image it was etched with:

The Crow Bookshop Logo

If anyone has any information on said mug, I would appreciate it. No reward, but you may be lucky enough to witness me giving hell to the person responsible. Woe to the person who gets caught drinking from my mug.....

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