Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Work: Back to the Grind Stone

I feel like a kid about to return to school after a summer vacation. I don't wanna go back!!!!

Tomorrow I head back to the office after nearly 3 weeks off. Sigh... I guess it's just as well, thanks to all 45+ cm of snow still littering our streets (thank you, city of Montreal for not even trying to remove snow from a storm that occurred more than a full week ago!) I've watched way too many The Chew and General Hospital episodes...I fear I may be addicted. That and I don't want to leave Eleanor alone, she is too cute; I am contemplating sneaking her into the office in my purse.

On the bright side, when I get back I am starting my new role as a Senior PMO Analyst, which is pretty exciting. A majority of my time will be dedicated to managing the project management office, something that genuinely interests me. It's a new position, so I will have the chance to help define the responsibilities that go along with it. The role definitely appeals to my sense of organization but I believe it will also offer me an opportunity to be creative in defining our project methodology/processes. I see this as a new interesting dimension to my role and it is much needed; my level of engagement hasn't been what it use to be. But first things first, I will have to get through 3 weeks worth of email backlog and follow ups before I can get to the new work. Wish me luck! Much caffeine will be needed.

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  1. Good luck with the new position! Just goes to show how your perception of time is off...the storm was only 6 days ago ;)