Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome to the family, Eleanor!

Meet Eleanor. She's my (okay, okay, our) new bunny, a Christmas gift from Marc. See kids? Let that be a lesson to you! If you beg, plead, rationalize and whine long enough, someone will eventually acquiesce! I'd like to say I'm kidding about this one but truth be told, I was more than a little persistent in my quest for a pet and since we can't have a cat (allergies) or a dog (landlady), a bunny seemed like a good option. I've always had a soft spot for rabbits and I've done enough reading about rabbits as house pets to think its worth a try.

During the past week we have gone all over the city to stores and shelters in the middle of some of the crappiest Montreal weather and Boxing week chaos until we found her. I was leaning towards naming her Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock (a la Phoebe Bouffe) but I finally decided on Eleanor Binky instead (and if you don't know what a binky is, youtube 'rabbit binky' for a giggle). Her name hardly matters at this point anyway since I can't stop calling her bun bun, or dou dou or any other repetitive combination of cutesy syllables. It's like my brain shuts off when she comes out of her hiding place to eat, play, drink, etc. I'm trying desperately not to pick her up every time she comes out so that she won't associate being out in the open with me always grabbing at her, but I must admit that it's hard to resist. I've totally regressed to a child like state; you see what happens when you don't let your child have a pet when growing up? Let my desperate need for pet affection be a lesson to you!

It's been a fun couple of days getting to know her. She's a bunny, so you know she's skittish and all that, but I can already see changes in her trust and interest level. And boy does she like to poop! She's pooping everywhere and with such frequency! I guess I will have my work cut out for me with her litter training, but for now I'll just let her be as she's less than 2 months old and getting use to her new surroundings. The way I see it, first comes litter training and then vicious attack training for her future as the next rabbit of Caerbannog. My little Eleanor of Caerbannog!

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