Thursday, April 12, 2012

Style: Primer - The lifestyle magazine for 20-something men (and 30-something, and 40-something, and...)

Recently, while searching for a potential gift for my boyfriend, I happened upon the Primer magazine website. Their tag line is "Affordable style, how-to's & self development for the everyday 20-something man". As I went through the articles I realized I was thoroughly impressed. I know I'm not the target audience but if only this kind of magazine had been around a decade ago when I was consorting with 20-something boys??! I know people will argue that GQ and Maxim exist to fill this need, but I disagree. Ya, I get why boys like 'lad mags', I'm not stupid. However, I've flipped through a few Maxim's and I always thought that it pandered to it's audience with T&A and fart jokes. This magazine covers sex and dating just like the rest but somehow it feels like it has a little more self respect and focus.

Examples of topics categorized by headings like Live, Earn, Spend, Learn, Invest, etc.:
- 10 Style Mistakes I Wish I Learned Long Ago
- A Sensible Man’s Complete Guide to Losing His Hair
- How Pants Should Fit – The Principles of Fit
- A Visual Guide to Getting Your Car Unstuck From The Snow
- ProTip: Save a beer for later with a cork
- The Pro’s and Con’s of Winning a Mustache Contest
- "Shit, Shower, and Shave”: Make Your Life Easier with Ritual’s Grooming Lineup

 I know there are constraints for the 20-something male; whether it be a restricted budget or simply that they are in midst of transition to young adulthood. But so many men do not transition with regards to style. They are either trapped in the style of their youth or dressed by their significant other (or even worse, their mother). I know men in their 30's and 40's that are guilty of this and I have to say, this website could teach them a thing or two. It's the basics really, clothes/accessories need not be expensive but they must fit right! No white socks outside of workouts and stop wearing that ball cap! (So glad to see a guy write this!)


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